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Subir al Sur is a program SES Foundation promoting education for peace and interculturalism through volunteer service without distinctions of cultural and social differences. Subir al Sur aspires to be ready citizens to exercise a "global citizenship", aware of co-responsibility in caring for the world and able to build on diversity without social distinctions.

Subir al Sur is a member of networks ICYE, CCIVS, Alliance of European Volunteer Service Organizations y SCI, that they are part of the UNESCO. We work with organizations to achieve youth mobility in over 40 African countries, Asia, America, Europe and Oceania.

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Mission & goals


"To promote processes of intercultural education and education for peace by facilitating solidarity meeting people from different regions of our planet".



“A world where young people open to dialogue protagonicen the transformation of a more just and equal world.”



  • Make intercultural volunteer transformative tool discriminatory our views in relation to others and ourselves.
  • Develop the methodology of "intercultural encounters cooperation" both at the national and regional levels and in partnership with local and international organizations- as the main strategy to promote education in the values ​​of peace, nondiscrimination, cooperation, active non-violence, justice and understanding in diversity.
  • Use and evaluate the journey in social service as an educational tool that contributes to education in values ​​and for peace to personal and community level.

Foundational story

Subir al Sur It was an idea created by Cecilia Milesi in the year 2005, who decided to go to Start Up South, the return of a transformative journey during which she volunteered in charity projects organized by partners Subir al Sur in Nepal, France, Wales and Poland. for Cecilia, intercultural experience volunteering, beyond borders- was so transformative immediately felt the need for this educational tool is available to more young Argentine and world. Subir al Sur was created to replicate and scale methodology intercultural volunteering in Argentina, with the vision to promote youth leadership in Argentina and the world.

During the 2005 a group of professionals and educators joined the mainly idea to Ezequiel and Maria Laura Schiffrin Basualdo- and in partnership with SES and its network of local organizations and CCIVS-UNESCO the first pilot projects were organized in Misiones and Formosa. The experience was positive and up the South began to grow up to become a strong team and mobilize 250 youth per year. Subir al Sur and Cecilia have been awarded for being an example of social leadership and innovation.

At 2011, Subir al Sur made the decision to join Fundacion SES as a fundamental step to ensure growth at national and regional level. The expectation is that this integration will further multiply learning opportunities for younger Argentina and the World.

Cecilia well as most members collaborate in creating and sustaining Upload south between 2005 and the 2012, now part of the "Advisory Board" with the idea of ​​continuing to volunteer.

What is volunteering to climb the South?

"If you come to help me you are wasting your time, but if you come because you feel your liberation is linked to it, then let us work together "

– Lilla Watson


For Subir al Sur Volunteering is an act of mutual exchange between a person or group offering their time, his work, their energy for the benefit of a project of general interest and a community that receives, and it offered to (to the) voluntary(s) Learning land, experimentation and personal and collective construction.




SAS works with voluntarixs and voluntarixs. Our main objective is to understand that partecipa who need our projects and how it can be performed. We do this in collaboration with other organizacciónes.


It provides stimulating intercultural learning experiences for youth, improving their social and personal development through international volunteer programs. Promotes intercultural understanding, equal opportunities, justice and peace among people in the world.


CCIVS UNESCO (Paris, France)

Promotes voluntary service movement on a national level, regional and international levels in the world based on the values ​​and criteria for Intercultural Education of UNESCO.


Alliance of European Voluntary Organizations

It is a non-governmental organization that brings together national organizations that promote intercultural education and peace through voluntary service.



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