Francesca, Italy

My experience with Subir al Sur is sure one of the moments of my life that contributed most to enrich myself as a person and was an important starting point for waking me greater motivation and interest in international volunteering.

I wanted to make a volunteer experience in Latin America and I know because I've always had a passion for this beautiful country, Argentina . It was purely by chance that I met Subir al Sur, coincidence that today thank you very much.


What I caught my attention when I saw the site of Subir al Sur was the phrase on the front page "If you came to help me're wasting your time . But, If you come because you think your liberation is connected to mine, so, let's work together". And this phrase accurately reflect the concept of volunteerism was looking. For me volunteering in general is a way to see the concept of "work" from a different perspective. Everything is based on "the will" of each person to engage in a project that like to be close to their values ​​and collaborate with others, They are sharing the same values, to build something that can contribute positively to any cultural enrichment, spiritual of societies, large and small. The extraordinary thing about volunteering is that what you give is almost always much less than what you get. You realize that the time spent with these people, they are children, teens, greater, contemporary, He has placed in you seeds that are extremely precious and an unquantifiable value. It is difficult to explain in words the energy in projects am, It is an energy that can be born only when cultures, Languages, religions and values ​​come together to communicate, know each other and learn together. But nevertheless, there are also challenges , misunderstandings, contrasting looks, as normal and "healthy" found in any multicultural space, but sometimes confronting these challenges and achieving a solution, You can also enrich and give you an idea of ​​the difficulties that can arise when different cultures meet.


It was an absolute pleasure for me to work with this partnership and see the vitality and strength that encourage people to lead and participate in these projects. I saw every day and in every project wanting to improve, encouraged, to learn, collaborate and now I try to make these values ​​part of my daily life. It was for me a way to approach a whole new way to other cultures, share mine, learn from others and especially to use my time in the most productive way possible, because these are the experiences that make you grow as a person and above all take you to have a greater awareness of this wonderful and colorful world around us.





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