Cecilia Rodriguez, Germany

When I raised participate in training in intercultural facilitation ( workcamp )in Germany, I really understand that cost was…I can say that just now I'm living the experience understand the dimension of organizations working to carry out projects with volunteers from around the world. Which it is a workcamp or field work?
It is the participation of people from different places, coexisting in one place ,working to achieve common goals, which allows the knowledge of different social realities, cultural, economic, both volunteers involved in the project and the local community where it different types of fields desarrolla.Existen depending on the topics on which work: Reconstruction, Environment, Art, Social work, Building.
Being a first training attended a six-day seminar in Essen in eastern Germany, I met young people from Serbia , Spain, Thailand, Kenya, Mexico, England, Colombia, USA, and obviously Germany, I am inspired by the multiplicity of identities , customs which is predominantly vegan and vegetarian awareness and like everyone else in a climate of respect could express and discuss their views on stereotypes that each country has.
I really live this as a challenge , Europe was never in my plans for my own prejudices, of which I am fortunately opening, breaking a personal barrier that transforms me every day.
My gratitude is infinite both UNDAV,Up Program and the South of Fundacion SES; but above all I am happy that this kind of opportunity is taking place at a university publishes growing and anyone to access.
I am proud to be studying in my town and in a public institution a career that was always fixed payments for my trip ..this is an additional motivates me to continue,carry out personal projects and especially to defend public education.


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