Community Garden Centipede

With whom can we do?

We make it possible with the Community Garden “Centipede” which works with the families of the territory by encouraging the growth of their children 's. The garden is divided into classrooms for boys and girls 2, 3, 4 Y 5 years.
They work very early, until afternoon, involved about 90 boys and girls, and it provides food in the same space.

Activities carried out by volunteers

Voluntary help in daily tasks in kindergarten. Collaborate in groups of four to six years old. Volunteers will help in feeding children during lunchtime. They will help the teacher responsible for the classroom. recreational and educational activities will be organized.
He will participate in planning the contribution of ideas and help in monitoring children. further, They provide educational support to children because we need help in school to strengthen their training process.

Number of volunteers who may receive


This project closed in January


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