Edwin, Spain

I remember that while flying the kite ran all my wing forces see iva giving more rein rope wing for my bowling to rise(Kite) and felt like corrian girls with me laughter his gesture her eyes plagued innocence then a part of me no more unannounced opened a trunk that was full of memories that kept out he had kept inside me that havido left buried.

hi my name is edwin gabriel I am the young left red pants with white shirt holding bowling(Kite) I'm soaked earth filled with dust tired that I could not sleep well, hungry as my companions were vejetarianas and then I had to change my diet, alodo some girls barely remember their faces if it were not for this photo, one of my colleagues called cindy. Anque with everything that was happening to me in that day you see being sad and depressed I felt the luckiest guy in the world for the things that are living , that picture plasma one of the fondest memories of my life and you may have more maravillososo. It was the happiest of the earth fas compredi one thing that life becomes a party when you know enjoy normal everyday things not just with me senti free boy. Free from all ,from problems, feelings, My own artificial than is usually the city there was like he was in touch with another reality so authentic and so different that even paresca lie was a dream come true. A sigh a small laugh escapes me every time I see this picture . I think inside I was with those people I had a great time though that part of my story and haiga dead time. Only that remains in my heart. And the question seso on the first day and last day before leaving Argentina” Because life brought me there because asta ami ?” now that things happen for a reason and always does so that's not forget what our path and our purpose that sometimes by a or b we stray from the path that corresponds to us and be attentive but if sabesmos, hear, be patient , and we see the signs we can return to the path that leads to the inerior peace and the words are hard to pronounce on the lips of some people who might say “I'm happy with nothing and hang time having everything “.

I did not mind being full of dust and being tired that for a moment I remembered my recorde roots I was born in that continent I had to go through things in life and himself for things in life I found at that site for I was at first a strange place and then a very familiar place huviera not have minded me stay a while. In Argentina I turned to find my roots , with myself , ghosts of a past that was happy and sad

back like that was the most spectacular recently completed by Avia 19 years and offered the opotunidad to participate. When you press the âEuro port in Buenos Aires was afraid without knowing that taxes be my, covered by my own luck and hope this will help me. For me more than that was back where pertenesco back as I said before and remarked ami “racises” and feel proud. The only thing I have to say thanks to COCAT, south and climb all the people who could make this trip possible that actions like this help young people like us to have experiences like this that story.

Nadia testimony

My first approach to intercultural volunteering was as a reporter. Interested in the topic, in the middle of 2013 I decided to assume the role of objective observer and began to collect stories and then translate them into a documentary.

The hypothesis that guided my research, and whose veracity I intended to check, was the idea that these experiences are transformative and represent a turning point in the lives of those who choose to carry them out.

Upload met was so south and the crush was instant. The project brought together the two things that I find most exciting: voluntary work and travel. It was they who introduced me to volunteer so I could interview them and later gave me the opportunity to live closer intercultural volunteering.


So it was like a 7 May I arrived in Croatia and by chance had a luxury welcome. My arrival coincided with the celebration of San Duje, patron of Split, and the city received me dressed party. That night different bands gave concerts and a massive lottery was organized in Riva, which Rambla Split. Thousands of people circulated through the streets of the city celebrating and buying typical wooden kitchen utensils sold for this date, as amulets for good luck.

The night ended with a fireworks show, I could see from Matejuska, a dock where boats moors and often the meeting place for young people. With such a spectacle as scenery, I had my first meeting with volunteers Help. Catarina Germany, Lorena from Spain, Kelly Scotland, Piero of Italy and France NĂ­colas; I also had all Croatian friends who had known since they were in Split.

The next day I went to meet the offices of Help and experience the same feeling I feel every time I'm on the terrace of Subir al Sur. The comfort of feeling like home. Help is an NGO created in 1991 to help Serb refugees during invasions. But once the war remained open for the fight against HIV. In their offices run parallel two programs: Harm Reduction and Youth Information Center.

The main goal of the first program is the prevention of hepatitis and HIV. To get this working with vulnerable populations, as persons prostitutes and drug addicts. To reduce the risk of contagion it provides them with needles and condoms and clinical analysis for disease testing offered. All this is also accompanied by strong campaigns to raise public awareness.

The first heard about the service proveedurĂ­a needles for drug addicts use intravenous, try to imagine how would this public opinion in Argentina. I suspect it would be a controversial issue and a lot of people would oppose, arguing that this would encourage drug abuse. I arrived in Split fascinated to know how the Croats saw the implementation of this program and I found to my surprise that it is also a controversial issue for them. But nevertheless, beyond debate, Statistics show that since this service is performed the spread of hepatitis and HIV was reduced considerably. sufficient evidence to continue the program. I wonder whether Argentina would be enough evidence. Would you support our leaders efficient projects, or demagogic and electioneering purposes is inclined so that public opinion say?

The new service delivery needles is done in Help not only does not encourage drug abuse, but tries to fight. In the office where the needles are removed, on a billboard all information about the various clinics and specialized centers offered to treat the disease. And if the addict request, Help agrees to meet in less than 48 hours, a place to be.

The Youth Information Center is another program that develops in Help. Through non-formal education it is to encourage young people to have greater commitment and play a more active role in society. high school and university students participating volunteer. It is on the basis of this program, through the SVE (European Voluntary Service) o EVS, its acronym in English; foreign volunteers offer classes in their native languages ​​in offices Help to promote intercultural, an attitude towards the meeting of cultures that goes beyond mere respect for differences and puts the focus on integration.

I can not overemphasize that I see with profound optimism, the fact that an organization created to protect refugees from war, arose partly because of the clash of different cultures, who they fought to have their nation and prevail over the rest; work today in cultural integration. I think it is a triumph of reason over hatred, and speaks of the maturity of this people rever a very recent history.

But definitely the most fun activity, also designed to promote integration, It is the intercultural night. A meeting organized by volunteers to share customs, music and traditional foods of their countries. They are also invited to the event students volunteer, what is really interesting, because this turns out to be an ideal opportunity to practice test and put what they have learned. How many language institutes students could have this opportunity? The small fee they pay for learning languages ​​is a nominal fee used to cover the costs of materials for classes. Help EU subsidies received, the Ministries of Education and Health, the municipality of Dalmatia, and even receives contributions from private companies. For them the classes are not a form of financing, because Help is a non-profit organization, it is a voluntary service offered to the community.

In turn, the volunteers attend classes in Croatian, to facilitate their stay in Split.

Katharina, German volunteer, that surprised the number of people who wanted to learn their native language. Currently has 4 courses and is delighted with her work: "If someone came to offer 1 million dollars to give up my job in volunteering, I would not do it."

Pierluigi is also convinced that this is one of the most enriching experiences that he lived: "Meeting people from different places is a way to grow, not only in the profession, but as a human being "

Ryszard Kapuscinski, Polish journalist who traveled the world as a correspondent, He said: "There is a connection between our personal destiny and the presence of thousands of people and things whose existence we know nothing and that influence our life and its development".

These exchanges teach young people to think like citizens of the world and be aware of that connection mentioned Kapuscinski.

I think we know and experience the vastness and diversity of our world, also it teaches us to be humble. Travel teach you that the only way to know ourselves and know our own culture, It is through knowledge of other societies. Because when we get in touch with a different culture, we begin to become aware of our habits acquired. We develop a critical awareness, able to question and challenge. As time allows us to see things in perspective, the tour gives us the perspective of space.

A key aspect of intercultural dialogue, It is that there are no static cultures. Culture is dynamic by definition. Changes in the process of adapting to new situations. And it seems that individual level, volunteers also experience deep and positive changes.

Katharina, for example, He says he feels more independent and confident, Since coming to Split.

Kelly, from Scotland, He says that being with people from other places helped to see things from another perspective and allowed him to have a more open mind.

Personally, and if only has been in Split by 21 days, I take a word, that word is more than a lifestyle. The word is slowly and means slowly. I see myself repeating to myself and remembering the wonderful people I met on Help, every time I win in Buenos Aires city anxiety and push me to live at their own pace. Because while in big cities is run by inertia, It runs to get anywhere; Polako is enjoy the journey.

Thanks Subir al Sur and Help for letting me walk this path and be part of this unforgettable experience.


testimony Diego

I am Diego and a half months I'm doing here in Madrid.

Well I tell how amazing were the first days, I say "should" because I feel I have to share what I felt and to let others know how important it can become an intercultural volunteering as a personal experience.

It was incredible, something beyond reality, my reality so far lived. A whole new world to discover, new people to meet and many things to live. I never had such a feeling.

Without fear of the unknown rather attentive and surprised by the details of the world that now surrounds me. Tratanto always to adapt to people, To my co-workers, the other volunteers, the children with whom I work and the local population.

Ah this trip already marked my life forever and I will always appreciate this opportunity to experience something completely new and different. Thank you!


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testimony Marina


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Hello to all and all. My name is Marina and I live in Tzimol, Chiapas. I am supporting a AgroecolĂłgico center called Tsomanotik. The area where I join my colleagues is in Education, more precisely in a bookmobile which was launched a few months ago.

The Tsomanotik Library is part of the educational project of the Center and could be constructed through various donations and collections of books. But the intention was not that books remain in one physical space, under the slogan "More books, freest "began reading out and play to neighborhoods and homes, increasing the spaces of imagination and creativity.

Living in a AgroecolĂłgico Center is part of our daily work on Earth. So I had not only to incorporate new words to my vocabulary as coas, native seeds, Arrieras, milpa, humus, Composting but also to work with my hands and raise awareness about the production of my own food, something he had never done in my 24 years.

From a little place scented brown sugar, and with a mate in hand, Greetings to everyone ... waiting for the Chiapas lands.

Julie testimony

“Hi all! I had the opportunity and chance to volunteer in Avellaneda, Argentina, during 4 months (the) 2013. I worked with educators Children's House (the Ball Foundation Rag), an establishment dedicated to children 3 a 13 years. This place allows them to grow amid a stable environment, where they can breakfast, to have lunch, to snack, Do physical activities and artistic, and above all, It is surrounded by the tenderness of educators who care for them and accompany them during this crucial period of his life.

It was an honor to be involved in this social organization. For me to be voluntary, It is trying to adapt to a new environment, to make the best of a new experience. Saber learn from everything we see and live, without any prejudice.

The project involved a social organization calls for a real commitment. It's not about spending a few hours each week but commit fully, for the cause of a project that can improve the lives of several men, Women and children. Because, I think that each volunteer should stay several months and not just a few weeks, to develop a real bond with people who will find on your way. For me, to be volunteer, It is not another form of tourism but the opportunity to share values, smiles, and tenderness, through a cultural exchange to try to fight injustice.

It was an incredible experience, I scored a lot. I recommend it to all young people who want to share their tenderness. "

You make the house posible? You (th) Change the world- A campaign to raise funds for the volunteer house!

Our intercultural home almost ready! In that house, all volunteers Subir al Sur live together and share their experiences of volunteering. To finance things missing from the house, We need your help! We started a campaign of fundraising is called "You make the house possible? You(th) change(s) the world!”.
Through this link ( you can see the campaign, including videos, photos and a more accurate description. You can become part of this house and as we know that your contribution is important you receive a gift.