Seminar: Planning and fundraising

Subir al Sur in conjunction with CCIVS developed a training to train members of voluntary organizations on issues of Planning and Fundraising. Included members of four different networks that are members of CCIVS: Alliance, Icryae, NVDA y SCI. Thus we had participants from Hungary, Scotland, Nepal, Hong Kong, Belgium, France, Catalonia, Italy, Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica, Peru and Argentina.

The objectives were:

  • Develop strategic planning and fundraising

  • Exchange good practices and tools and analyze different types of financing

  • Start synergies at different levels to open doors to various funds

During the training Rolando Foundation SES member Kandel shared a theory developed by the team of Fortresses program to address planning and institutional strengthening. To delve into the issue of Fundraising analyze what the current conditions and context of international cooperation are, This session was coordinated by Alberto Croce, SES Foundation president and member of various networks internacionales.A its members instead of various local organizations shared their fundraising strategies, a panel of local organizations participated Uniting Roads, Starting and upper hand.

For a week the knowledge and experiences among participants flowed, we appropriate what others experienced in your organization and offer our experience. For the first time Subir al Sur developed a seminar of this nature and the findings have been very enriching for the organization and network. Now it's time to continue building and sharing.


As we make it happen: Actions

Subir al Sur promotes youth participation and education organizing charity projects intercutural short and long term which young people from Argentina participate and everyone.

The short-term projects are the "Intercultural Encounters Cooperation" (internationally known as "workcamps"). Long-term projects lasting one month to one year. Funding may be provided by the volunteers themselves or the European Voluntary Service (ALL)- with funding from the European Union in Argentina. All our projects are aimed at intercultural education and peace through the practice of cooperation. We are inspired by our experience of promoting youth service, and the spirit of international voluntary service in the world in the practice of our international partners which form parts of networks such as CCIVS- Unesco, Icryae, SCI, UNOY y Alliance.

The two main programs Subir al Sur son:


In Argentina!:

Volunteers around the world and Argentina participate in our intercultural encounters cooperation (workcamps), projects of medium and long term and European voluntary service organized together with our partners to develop this project Argentinos team Subir al Sur She works in partnership with partners that promote youth participation. Throughout the year we organize the following activities:

  • local training workshops management tools and how to organize youth intercultural solidarity projects: Armed budget, planning, press campaigns, etc.
  • Workshops on dialoguo, multiculturalism and political-cultural in relation to each project.
  • Follow-up visits to our partners to support them in the preparation of projects: participatory project selection, building contacts with the government and local businesses.
  • Intercultural training new facilitators. Young trained facilitators with Subir al Sur and other organizations coordinate meetings together with youth groups.
  • Constant communication via Internet with our international partners to give visibility and promote our projects in Argentina.
  • Financing search activities.


To the world!:

Argentinos send volunteers to intercultural encounters cooperation (workcamps), voluntary long-term average in the rest of the world (Europe, Asia, Africa and America) and European Voluntary Service in Europe to learn more about who are these projects please enter Frequent questions. To develop this program Subir al Sur The following activities ago:

  • Campaign volunteer service: via Internet, press, Local meetings, workshops with universities and schools
  • logistics, administrative and information exchange steps that make possible the exchange


Seminars and exchanges:

further, through the network of partner organizations and according to the objectives of Subir al Sur during each year support and participate in specialized seminars and exchanges various educational topics and social.

To order the list of "intercultural encounters cooperation" and projects Medium / long time in Argentina and the rest of the world writes


To know what our "cultural encounters cooperation" projects Medium / long time and European Voluntary Service in Argentina enters Be the change!

Victoria Louise Lovelock

Vicky discovered the international voluntary service 2003 when he decided to travel the world and ended up participating one-year program of European Voluntary Service Solidarités Jeunesses Trough (SJ) in the cross Glance, a project in the middle of a forest located south of France. This experience was profoundly transformative and was the beginning of a path that could no longer leave. The next step was working at the National Bureau of SJ in Paris and participation as a member of the management committee SJ. During that period Vicky became involved in Youth Action for Peace (DO) working on art Diem 2005 SJ and participating with several working groups in YAP. His participation in SJ and YAP led to an encounter with Subir al Sur 2006, in a Congress of YAP. Vicky decided to travel to Argentina, and developing a study trip to South America, Top supported by SJ and south to YAP. Since 2006 Vicky has actively participated many projects developed by Subir al Sur, until in 2008 He acquired the position of Technical Project. After a semester sabbatical period in the jungle he took in search of an alternative lifestyle, He climbed back into South, this time taking on the position of Program Coordinator, in 2009. Vicky is still part of different voluntary organizations and working towards the goal of putting together a Latin American network of volunteer service. At present, Vicky lives and works in Villa Ana, in the north of the province of Santa Fe and considered a citizen of the world: dreams of a world without borders.

Maria Cecilia Milesi

Cecilia is a sociologist (Argentina, UBA, hons) and he has postgraduate studies in Conflict Resolution (SOAS, University of London). Since the 20 years I coordinate programs and investigate for major Argentine and international organizations in education, rights, international cooperation and active citizenship (SES foundation, Synergos, Nlaala, FLACSO, CENOC, ProyectArte). In 2005, Upload decided to create the South with the hope that more young Argentine and the world has the opportunity, like her, to learn through local volunteering- global. His entrepreneurial attitude has been recognized by organizations stringout UK and Echoing Green. He currently lives in London where he works for Amnesty International (International Secretariat) and studying hybrid systems of justice and conflict resolution, especially in Somaliland, Africa Oriental.