To upload south Volunteering is an act of mutual exchange between a person or group. Volunteer or volunteer their time, their abilities, his desire and energy for the benefit of a project of general interest and, the community that receives, It offers a learning ground, experimentation and personal and collective construction.

SAS works with volunteers and for volunteers and voluntary. Our main objective is to understand what needs who participate in our projects and how to perform them satisfactorily for all parties. We do this in collaboration with other organizations.


We promote youth participation and intercultural education organizing charity projects short and long term which young people from Argentina participate and everyone.

We currently have three main areas of operation:





It is the area that is responsible for the receipt and training of young people from around the world. The program receives more than 50 young people a year and is responsible for coordinating your accommodation, and training projects.

We develop a methodology for medium and long term. We believe that participation to be meaningful, for both a volunteer and the local organization receiving, It requires Minimum stay three months. Volunteer projects medium and long term are developed together with our partner organizations in Argentina. Subir al Sur It is in charge of training, monitoring and support of the experience of volunteers and voluntary.








It is the area of ​​youth sending Argentina to various volunteer programs in other countries through our partners. There are projects worldwide!

Argentina allows young people to participate in charity projects in the rest of the world by promoting the formation and development of volunteers from the perspectives of multiculturalism, the Solidarity, human rights and promoting peace.









This area is a part of received and other shipping. We receive groups of college students and coordinate their participation in local projects, at the same time, We also send young people from universities and schools international projects.




Which are the requirements?


The only requirement to participate in a volunteer is to be over 18 years and pay a participation fee that varies according to country, and project time you choose.


What types of projects there?

  • Short term: 1 a 5 months (ICYE STePs)
  • Long term: 6 a 12 months (ICYE Longterm)
  • Workcamps: 1 a 4 weeks, fixed dates (different networks)
    → live with a group of internacionalxs voluntarixs working together on a shorter project


How to treat volunteer projects ?

We offer more than 800 volunteer project opportunities in a wide variety of themes:

  • Protection projects and environmental education
  • Projects focused on childhood, Teens and Youths
  • Projects focused on older adults
  • Projects focused on people with disabilities
  • Community development projects
  • Projects to strengthen skills in management tasks, management and communication in organizations.
  • Development projects art and culture
  • focusing on health projects



Why a participation fee?

The participation fee is a small part to Subir al Sur and most local organization for the project you choose. It is necessary because the project you are going to participate is self-sustaining and have to cover the costs of living during your stay.


¿ Qué covers the participation fee?

  • The fee for SAS covers a preparation seminar, support and mentoring before and after volunteering and project management (inclusive of all administrative costs).
  • The fee for the partner organization ICYE It covers accommodation, food, local transport, pocket money to volunteer in 6 months or more, health insurance, training (on-arrival training) and support during the project.
  • In the case of a workcamp organization fee it is usually very low and covers accommodation, food, local transportation and accompaniment.

What are the fee does not include flight tickets, accident insurance or liability and costs of visa or vaccines.


What are the next steps?

If you write to us you and contás us a little more about the duration, the Project Type (topics that interest you), the Languages you drive or you would like to learn and the continents countries you are interested in to make your volunteer, We would love to send you our specific projects database.

If you like some, the next step is search for and reserve place for you on a project and send you the relevant application form local organization.